The coronavirus is currently affecting the whole world and is forcing us to turn our entire lives upside down, strike out in new directions and find creative solutions. At the same time, this situation offers us the opportunity to focus on the essential things in life and gives us space for change.

We also have news to report: callcentric has now changed its name to IBEX!

Why IBEX, we hear you ask? IBEX is the English name for a species of mountain goat. IBEX stands for strength, stamina, resilience, discipline and balance. In addition, my star sign is also Capricorn, which is another name for the ibex. Our home canton has an image of the majestic animal on its coat of arms. So there was no other name for us to choose than IBEX!

But why the change of name? I founded my company callcentric in 2001 and at that time, my focus was on telephone training. My range of services then expanded significantly, and a large part of the business is now also concerned with personal development. What is extremely gratifying for me is that from this year, my two daughters have become involved in the business. Amy is currently training to be a coach in Luzern and Sam is gaining experience in training and coaching as a member of staff. IBEX is unique. One mother and two daughters sharing the same passion; the passion to support you or your team to get the best out of you or your team. And that’s precisely why we have chosen the perfect motto for the IBEX logo: be your best.

You now have the option to also register online for our courses and coaching sessions.

We look forward to hearing from you!