About us

Why IBEX, we hear you ask? The IBEX symbolises strength, stamina, resilience, discipline and balance. In addition, my star sign is also Capricorn, which is another name for ibex. Our home canton has an image of the majestic animal on its coat of arms. So there was no other name for us to choose than IBEX!

IBEX is unique. A mother and two daughters sharing the same passion; the passion to support individuals and businesses to strive for the best version of theirselves. And that’s precisely why we have chosen the perfect stapline for the IBEX logo: be your best.

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Our vision and mission

For businesses

Fulfilled employees at the workplace.
Empowering employees to bring their best selves to your clients.

For individuals

Self-determined, happy people.
Empowering humans to build a life they love.


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