The Graubünden and London blood in my veins encouraged my openness to different people and cultures from an early age. Athletics, singing, skiing, my friends and my family are an important part of my life.

I completed a three-year apprenticeship in the tourism industry, during which I gained valuable transferable skills in customer service, sales, marketing and team building. As an athlete with big goals and an intensive training regime, school and a very demanding apprenticeship placement; it was not always easy to fulfil all expectations. I often reached my limits. Psychology and mindset had interested me for a long time, so I tried to get my life under control through time management, external coaching sessions and mental training. My plan didn’t work out and I failed the academic part of the final apprenticeship exam by a narrow margin. As I do not see myself pursuing a career in business in the future, it quickly became clear to me that I did not want to retake the exam. Many people outside of my family couldn’t understand this. “Without the certificate, you’re nothing.” “You’ll be a failure.“ “You’ve got no chance in the jobs market.” But I soon realised that I’m worth more than just a diploma.

Shortly afterwards, I injured myself at the Swiss Championships and it felt as though I was going to fail in everything I did. Self-doubt and an inner emptiness were the result. With disciplined mental training and a positive environment, I was able to turn this setback into an opportunity and I realised that these hurdles would bring me closer to my dream job of being a mental coach for athletes, students and young people.

During my internship at IBEX, I gained a broad range of practical experience in the areas of team building and mindset from trainees right up to the manager. With these techniques plus my Life Coach CPD Certification, I coach athletes, students and teens. I help them to success or show them methods on how to come out of a crisis stronger.

In August 2020 I completed a Social Media Marketing CPD diploma at Techpixie and am now responsible for the social media presence of IBEX. It is important for me to gain many different experiences in my life, as we get one opportunity to be on this planet. So I decided to work in a cool Tapas Bar 2 days a week, because I can imagine running my own Café/Beachbar combined with coaching some day. Dreaming is good right? 🙂

My aim is to be a role model for all generations and to use my story to inspire people.