The Grisons and London blood in my veins encouraged my openness to different cultures and people from an early age. Sport, singing, my friends and family are an important part of my life.

During my 3-year apprenticeship in the tourism industry, I was able to gain valuable knowledge in customer service, sales, marketing and team building. As a former track and field athlete with big goals and intensive training, school and work, it was not always easy to meet all expectations. I often met my limits.

Psychology and mindset have fascinated me for a long time and so I tried to get my life back under control through time management, external coaching and mental training.

My plan didn’t work out and I barely didn’t pass the academic part of the final examination. I quickly became aware that I didn’t want to repeat the exam. This met with a lot of disapproval by people outside my family. “Without a certificate you are nothing.” “You will fail.” “You have no chance in the job market.” However, I knew I was worth more than just a diploma.

Shortly after, I injured myself at the Swiss Championships and it felt like I was failing in everything I was doing. Self-doubt and an inner emptiness resulted. With disciplined mental training and a positive environment, I was able to turn this setback into an opportunity and I realised that these hurdles were bringing me closer to my dream job, which is coaching athletes, students and young people.

During my internship at IBEX, I was able to gain numerous practical experiences in team building and mindset from students to CEOs.

With these skills and my Life Coach CPD Diploma, I mainly coach athletes, students and young people. I guide them on their path to success or share methods on how they can emerge stronger from a setback.

In August 2020, I completed a Social Media Marketing CPD Diploma with Techpixie and I am now responsible for marketing at IBEX. My goal is to expand my marketing knowledge, so since September 2021 I have been working part-time at the beautiful Schweizerhof Flims as an Event and Marketing Assistant and since October 2022 as a Marketing and Growth Manager at Quarero AG.

My goal is to be a role model for all generations and to inspire people with my story.