Self-image versus external image


“How do I come across to others?” This is not a question that everyone asks themselves. But the effect that we have on other people is extremely important to our entire existence and hence also to your success in life – be that in your professional or your private life. Whether you are at public events, contacting customers or involved in internal discussions – your impact as a professional and a manager plays a significant role in the reputation and success of your company. People who “come across well” – and hence are able to confidently assess and utilise their own power of expression – are more successful in their careers.

Our own judgement often deviates widely from the perceptions and opinions of other people. This can lead to conflicts and failures, the causes of which we mostly attribute to something completely different.

You can make an impact – but don’t leave it to chance!


  • Where does self-image come from?
  • ME as a brand
  • Can I change my self-image?
  • Beliefs
  • External image
  • Johari Window


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