Coaching für Athleten,
Jugendliche, Studenten

There are a huge number of coaches on the market and no doubt you are wondering why you should book me specifically. I think it is crucial that the chemistry between the two of us works, so that we can trust each other. Hence it is important to me that we first get to know each other and identify your goals before we get started on growth. This is the only way that you can get fully involved in the discussion and benefit from working together.

What does a coaching session with me look like?

You can imagine the sessions as lively, enriching and fascinating and enjoyed with a cup of English tea. For the venue, you are free to choose your favourite place, or you could of course come to us at the IBEX office. If we’re too far away for you, we can even have the coaching session via Zoom or FaceTime. I work using specific questioning techniques, self-reflection, visualisation exercises, changes of perspective and other interesting coaching methods. On request, I can give you concrete tips and implementation strategies. I place great emphasis on these exercises because they have also helped me and given me strength when I too have faced challenging times.

On issues such as stress, pressure, self-doubt, nervousness and setbacks, I am a little expert, as these aspects have all been among my greatest hurdles in the past. I work mainly with athletes, students and young people. If you feel that these issues affect you, I look forward to working with you. It is important that you approach coaching voluntarily and in a motivated way, as this is the only way to reach your desired goal.

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, to reflect and scrutinise actions and habits and fulfil your potential, then I am the right person to help you. With my personal experience, my own coaching sessions that people attend, self-research and change of perspective, I can help young people get the best out of themselves and lead a happy life.

I very much look forward to getting to know you and watching you grow.

See you soon




Coaching with Sam is really good! She listens intently and addresses all the issues that I have introduced. This gives me the opportunity to open up. The questions that Sam asked me made me think about things and reflect immediately. Even after the first coaching session I was ‘on fire’, feeling extremely motivated having rediscovered my ‘why’. – Nicolai Knüssel, Entrepreneur

Coaching has really helped me to learn in a much more targeted and more efficient way. Thanks to the great tip of developing a learning plan, I can divide my time much better and reach my goals quicker. Thank you very much for your super support, Sam! – Student

Sam has a calm and personal approach – which I really like. She is an expert on the issues that we talked about. Sam also gave me many tips and tricks along the way that I am now using in my life on a daily basis. – Eric Huser, Student

We have had great sessions, which really helped to relieve me of the unnecessary pressure and stress I was carrying around. Sam’s coaching helped me understand myself more and I found my “WHY”, which helps me act with purpose. In general, her coaching sessions are a very confidential space to let out your emotions and feelings. – Isayah Boers, Athlete

Sam was very easy to talk to and very respectful of the issue I put forward. Notes of the session were well structured, and steps were laid out effectively. – Tom Gale, Athlete