Systemic coaching

Enter the world of active self-development. You have already read a lot about coaching, though the subject still feels inaccessible to you and slightly wishy washy. That’s understandable, the market is oversaturated, and it is enormously difficult to find out what kind of coaching makes sense and who the professionals are.

I don’t want to beat about the bush. A coaching session with me makes sense for you if:

  • Your life is great, though you would like to take on new challenges, develop and reach your full potential
  • You have just taken on a new job and you are facing new challenges
  • You are looking for a new direction professionally and your head is full of ideas or you have no idea in which direction you should be heading
  • You yearn for more relaxation, either in your private or your professional life
  • Self-reflection sounds exciting and you would like to give it a try
  • Private or professional incidents are hard for you to digest and you cannot make progress on your own
  • You have a problem but no solution for it and so need new food for thought

In short, coaching sessions are suitable for anyone wanting to make progress.

My attitude is that every person has all the resources required to do this already. In most cases, these simply need to be filtered out and activated. We can do this together in our coaching sessions. With the aid of neurolinguistic programming and the goal-oriented approach of systemic coaching, it becomes possible to support you in your process of learning and development in a professional and private context.

With experience from my sporting past, my unconventional career path and the knowledge gained through my apprenticeship, I am keen to define your particular concern with you and to develop new creative solutions. In our sessions, you will become aware of your skills, leave your comfort zone, gain clarity and build up your confidence.

I look forward to growing together with you!




Mental Health First Aider   



I got to know Amy Donnellon during her apprenticeship to become a coach, supervisor and organisation consultant (bso). Thanks to her authentic and empathic manner, she gains the necessary trust of clients immediately. She is a very good listener and so is also able to recognise hidden issues. She is able to adapt her full toolkit of methods to clients’ individual needs and, as a result, hits the jointly agreed target with pinpoint accuracy – in a way that is efficient and sustainable!

Silvio Dietrich,