Team building

Strengthening the core of the team

You need to strengthen your team – but how? Group excursions and team exercises are important, though in most cases they only make a short-term contribution to positive team spirit. Depending on the situation, unspoken and personally negative experiences with a work colleague can then continue to have a negative effect on working together.

All teams want to feel appreciated. But ask ten employees exactly what they understand by the term appreciation and you will receive ten different opinions. This is why a clear definition and plain language are essential.

We offer your team a save space to talk about things that bother them. Honest, positive feedback and constructive, negative criticism of each other hits the heart and strengthens the foundations. Plain language and constructive feedback are the key to the long-term success of the team. And if the boss also empowers, encourages and supports their staff, then you get even closer to the goal of becoming a ‘healthy’ team.

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