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Testimonials zum Zoom Talk in Deutsch und Englisch “Taking action when you don’t feel like it”

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be involved in the web chat. It was fun, informative, inclusive and very applicable to every aspect of life. I enjoyed how light hearted and interactive it was. I felt inspired and motivated to make simple but effective changes to my daily routine to make it easier for me to take action where I need to. Lara

 I am a pretty motivated person but sometimes at the moment something as small as getting off my phone and out of bed in the morning is hard. I had the opportunity to join an IBEX Zoom meeting. Looking at some approaches to change your mindset. Something as simple as the 54321 and an associated movement has been helpful for me. Jess Grimson

Thank you very much for the wonderful online session that you all did! It was a very slick presentation and I would love a copy. I use brain based coaching methods and you introduced some techniques that I had not seen before. Kate King, Coach

Congrats ladies. Like I said, very natural, good humoured, lively, to the point with no waffle. Good handoffs between the 3 of you which can be stilted on video conference but you all worked it well. Timing very important nowadays and kept to the 30’. Ian Talford

Aufgestelltes Team, die einem gut motivieren und mitreissen können. Gut übermittelt und mit einfachen Beispielen veranschaulicht. Pascal