Sales training

Successful athletes train every day. To be successful in business, these same rules apply. Effective training provides security in new procedures and in their implementation, increasing the chances of success.

IBEX provides sales training in various forms:

  • in German and English
  • as an in-house seminar or for you individually
  • in a compact format as an introductory talk

There is no right way to sell. I have to be able to recognise who is sitting opposite me and what needs that person has. Humanity, depth rather than sales patter, looking honestly into the person’s eyes, fun and passion rather than routine – that’s exactly what we want in sales. The quicker you recognise this, the quicker you will be successful. Corporate culture also influences the behaviour of staff, which in turn has a significant effect on customers.

Bestseller courses

We do of course also offer tailor-made courses for you and your company.